Sunday, March 18, 2018

Namekagon River Fishing Report March 17 2018

The weather was great!  I expecting a lot of people out today, but only saw a handful.  Water temps near 40 with sunny and light winds.  Water levels a little low. Clarity normal.
Small winter stones popping! A lot crawling on the snow banks.  A good breeze blows them back on the water. 

Hit a grouse on the way home.  Stopped, picked it up and put it closer to the woods.  It was dazed at first, but eventually wandered away.  Grouse Whisperer!

Fishing was excellent, with 17" in the mix and a decent brookie where I've never caught one before.  Fished a double nymph rig deep with a dark colored size 16 nymph for the bottom fly.  Tried out a new tie for the bottom fly, will try to get a tying video made up soon.  Tossed a olive/yellow bugger going downstream with a few hookups as well.  A few brown trout are moving out of the prime wintering holes to some of the faster deeper side runs.  If I can't see the bottom without my glasses on, there is most likely a fish holding there.  I figured out the drift in a couple of holes that I've never had good success at in the past.