Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chequamegon Bay smallmouth on the move!

Got out with my good friend Mike K. from MN.  The launch parking lot was packed!  I got my morning walk from my truck to the boat :).  It was the first day on the bay this year for the both of us and what a day!  Easily near 25 fish, with lots of 17" fish.  We got fish on just two different flies, the strip leech and clouser minnow.  Using the strip leech was key in the shallower water, but the clouser did great in the deeper water.  There are a few small areas in the bay warm enough to hold fish, but that will change quickly as the air temps normalize to summer temps.  Otherwise my fishing logs says that we are two weeks behind in water temperatures, but that could change quickly depending on the weather.

Lots of bigger male bass staking claim to their three foot circle.  I didn't see any active nests, but not to say there weren't any.  I would say in the next week, females will be dropping eggs in the warmest sections of the bay.  The bigger females are sitting out in a little deeper waiting for the water temps to stabilize in the spawning areas.  Finally the water is becoming warmer which is making the fish more active.  The cooler Lake Superior water (which keeps the air cooler) will prolong the spawn well into June.

Water Temps:  51-64 F Degrees, Air Temps: 50-70, Winds calm, variable to 10-15 mph in the afternoon, switching back and forth from N to S to N.  Seiche tide occurred a couple of times.  One coming in and one going out, pretty strong ones at that.

If you can get out to Chequamegon Bay, make the effort!  Tight lines!

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