Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chequamegon Bay June 4 2014

It was an excellent day to be on Chequamegon Bay!  Tim and I had a great day catching some big bronzebacks.  Tim is a great fishing partner and made the trip very enjoyable, thanks again.  The action was much better in the late morning to early afternoon.  After a major wind shift blowing from the SE, the action slowed down.  A few Seiche tides happened through out the day.  Wind blowing one way and the boat going the opposite direction can screw with your mind.  The air temps were hovering in the 60's.  The winds were from light and variable to 10-15 mph gusts in the afternoon.  When the sun was out and the winds were low it was t-shirt weather.  Just a slight breeze brought the jackets back on.  The water temperatures ranging from 58 on the main lake to about 65 around the Oak point area.  Kakagon Slough area was off colored a bit from the recent rains Monday/Tuesday.  There are plenty of fish to catch, so get out and get some action!

The one thing I did not want see is a half dozen 3 to 5 pound smallmouth floating dead in the water!!  I'm sure there were a few more that I didn't see.  That's just unacceptable!  Fish with gills tore up and one with a hook line still attached clearly cut to spare the fish.  It sucks to see a big 4 pound female full of eggs trying to stay up right and line running out of its gullet  Hey, I understand fish are going to die from time to time, but damn, do your best to not let it happen.  At least the fish won't go to waste as there are plenty of eagles in the area.

I have an idea which boat it was because it was a fairly slow day boat wise.  You can spot bait users easily a mile away out on the bay.  I have nothing against using live bait and everyone is entitled to fish their way.  I just choose not to use live bait when there are a high number of 3 to 5 pound smallmouth in such a small concentrated area?....come on!  Why are they in this area to begin with??  To spawn!

Each person is allowed to fish with three rods.  One boat had four rods going, three bobbers and one casting.  It looked they were slip bobbering for walleyes.  If your going to use live bait, please hold on to your bobber rods and set the hook the second it goes down!  Start using bigger hooks and/or circle hooks.  There is no excuse to let these big smallies run with the bait and waste time winding up slack line.

Let's protect this great resource we have on Chequamegon Bay!  I say we start a petition to go back to artificial only.  Every fish counts.

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