Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here in Northern Minnesota!  or did we just skip spring and moved right into summer??
I'm going to get my arse in gear and try my hand at this blogging stuff again.
I met the pops at Fish Lake yesterday.  Brought my new Echo Carbon fly rod with.  New only because I had to replace it after a canoe spill on the Brule River last year, but that's for another story and it wasn't the canoe I was driving.....
I was pleasantly surprised how well the Echo Carbon 4wt casted, even with a small weighted clouser minnow.  I managed a few bull bluegills, one crappie and some small largemouth bass.  Plus a few steals from Mr. Pike.  I feel my blood warming up for this fishing season!  The panfish and bass will be rushing this year to get the spawn on.  Chequamegon Bay in Northern Wisconsin is my next destination for the next few weeks!  I'll be fishing with my son in a local bass league as well.  He's excited as much as I am.
I'm planning on making a new fly fishing video this year, just having picked a topic yet, but I feel like the timing is right, plus keep posting on this blog! I hope everyone has a successful season this year and tight lines!

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