Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tying the Missy D Nymph

Finally got around to creating a video of tying the Missy D nymph.  I used a ruffed grouse feather for hackle around the collar.  I like to use soft hackles on nymphs to give it a little more life like action in the water, but you can use any material to create the buggy legs.  This is a great fast water nymph and as a point fly on a two fly nymph set up.  You can definately add or remove weight by varying the wire material and/or bead.  Tungsten adds a lot of weight, so it works good in the fast water above pools and for fishing pocket water.
Enjoy. Carson

In an earlier blog post I put a link to the online instructions:

I added the instruction for tying the Missy D nymph on my web site:Fly tying recipe instructions for the Missy D Nymph


  1. Dang! You make that look easy and quick!

  2. I've been needing to tie up some more of these nymphs. Went back & watched the video again. You did a very nice job putting it together. Thanks!