Monday, December 27, 2010

Tying a black Midge larva pupae

black midge larva pupae
hook - TMC 2487 or TMC 2457 sz16 & smaller
thread - 6/0 - 8/0 main body color
thorax - Peacock Herl
Abdomen - Thread is body color
Ribbing - Thin copper wire
Optional bead head

I've used it in trout streams across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and also in Montana. I like to use this on a double nymph setup behind a heavy point fly or split shot.  The body of the fly is determined by the thread color you choose.  Olive and brown/olive are good thread colors.  Wire can be a variety of colors as well.  I like copper because I normally fish bog tannin stained trout streams of the Upper Midwest.  Very effective fall/winter pattern in the Driftless areas of MN, IA and WI.

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