Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TR with Bea & Di on the Brule River

Headed out with Bea & Di on their very first fly fishing expedition.  It was expected to be a cool weather day, but mostly sunny.  I was hoping for a few clouds because you know what that means, BWO time.  The clouds never showed up, but the BWO's came for lunch.  As we pulled into our lunch area, the BWO's were coming off and the fish went on a feeding frenzy!  Tied on a few flies for Bea & Di to use while I got lunch ready.  Stoked the fire and heated the pulled pork.  I hear them having a great time over the crackling of the firewood and wind flowing through the cedar trees.  Matching the hatch was a challenge.  Throwing a size 18 BWO in fast water is a challenge for any seasoned fly angler.  A big wulff and small BWO solved that problem.  They both enjoyed their first taste of fly fishing and each caught their first trout on the fly; a couple of nice fall colored brook trout.  As always I enjoyed the water, weather, the Brule River and especially the great company!  Tight lines!

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