Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall smallmouth on Chequamegon Bay

Headed out to Chequamegon Bay for some fall bronzeback fishing with another local guide and good friend, Capt 'Shark' Kishida.  Gased the boat up in Ashland, WI.  I'm not much on fast food, but had a bad itching to get on the water, so we headed across the road for some fast processed sausage burritoes from Mickey D's. The morning started out cool and sunny with the breeze picking up every minute.  The waves were cresting about 2' to 2.5', choppy, but not bad.  Over the horizon from our NW we could see the clouds coming at us, with sheets of rain tailing behind.  We got wet, but no heavy down pours.  The sun came out after about an hour.  The waves and wind layed down later in the afternoon.  Great day to be on Lake Superior!  Caught some nice fat Fall smallies and even explored Madeline Island.  All of my fish came on the fly!  I'm not saying it was easy this day, but doable.  Air temps reached about 60 and the water temps stayed steady at 52-54 degrees.

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